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Ultrasound Therapy

What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound therapy uses pulses of sound waves to penetrate tissues. While this still has a minor warming effect on the tissues, it also causes expansion and contraction in the tiny gas bubbles of the soft tissues. This helps to decrease the inflammatory response, including tissue swelling, and thus decreasing pain.

How is Ultrasound Therapy performed?

The doctor will select a small surface area to work on. Gel is applied either to the transducer head or directly to the skin, which helps the sound waves evenly penetrate the skin. During your ultrasound therapy treatment, your therapist will continually move the transducer head over and around the selected area.

Will I feel anything during Ultrasound Therapy?

Some people feel a mild pulsing during ultrasound therapy, while others may feel a slight warmth in the skin. Don't be surprised, however, if you feel nothing at all, apart from the cold gel on your skin. If the area being treated is especially sensitive to touch, you could possibly feel discomfort as the transducer head passes over. Ultrasound therapy, however, should not be painful.

What is ultrasound commonly used to treat?

Carpal Tunnel


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