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AURA PTL integrates the best practices to treat chronic conditions through laser therapy, acupoint stimulation, substance specific stress reduction and homeopathy.

Our Therapeutic Process:

- A customized care plan that addresses your most pressing concerns.
- A supplement plan designed to optimize healting and work in conjunction with other therapeutic remedies.
- A maintenance program to ensure that your long-term health and wellness goals are reached and sustained.

Benefits of the AURA PTL Program:

- Reduced pain and inflammation
- Customized homeopathic and supplementation program to enhance therapeutic outcomes.
- Personlized: Lon-term plan to maintain wellness
- Painless: No needles or dietary restrictions
- Requires only ten minutes per laser session
- No side effects, down-time or pharmaceuticals
- Affordable payment plans
- Effective and long-lasting results


AURA PTL Patient Instruction Sheet


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